Is it illegal to park across a driveway in Australia?

Is it illegal to park across a driveway?

Is it illegal to park across a driveway? Yes, it is illegal if there is a dropped kerb. Parking across driveways where there are dropped kerbs will lead to obstructing the dropped kerb which can be used by people on wheelchairs or pedestrians. If someone is suffering from some form of mobility issues, then you will be blocking such a person from accessing the residential area if you park across the driveway. 

If there is no dropped kerb, then you will not have to worry about parking access to the driveways. The law protects all people; you will be parking against the law and can be charged for traffic offence violations if you proceed to park the car across a driveway where you block people with disability from ceasing the premises via the dropped kerbs. 

Generally speaking, Is it illegal to park across a driveway?

  • United States Of America: Yes
  • Canada: Yes
  • Australia: Yes
  • New Zealand: Yes
  • United Kingdom: Yes
  • Scotland: Yes
  • Ireland: Yes
  • Germany: Yes
  • France: Yes
  • Italy: Yes
  • Sweden: Yes
  • Norway: Yes
  • Denmark: Yes

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Basically, parking across a driveway is a dick move and if you do happen to get in someone’s way by doing so, then you can be charged for it.

Parking across a driveway is illegal in;

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Tasmania
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory
Is it illegal to park across a driveway?

There are several other areas where you will not be allowed to park as per the traffic rules. They include areas such as:

Directly outside a school

If you park directly outside a school, you compete for a traffic office. The car will prevent district school-going children from accessing their classes. There are specific parking areas in the school. If you visit the school to check on your children, ensure you use the designated parking area to avoid competing for traffic offences. 

When you fail to follow the traffic rules, you can be exposed to different fences that will affect your life. Check out the laws that apply in a given area, and you will avoid being in trouble as your drive around.

Across the pedestrian crossing

It is illegal to park across a pedestrian crossing. When you park the car across the pedestrian crossing, it will lead to obstruction, making it hard for the pedestrian to use the road. The pedestrian crossing should be left open at all times to allow road users to easily. 

The road is a shared resource that all people should utilize. If you do not allow people to access the pedestrian crossing easily, they may be forced to use the road to be exposed to the risk of car accidents. You will be held liable if you do not observe the laws. 

Ensure you park the car responsibly.

On a bend or corner

Never park your car on a bend. It can easily lead to accidents due to speeding cars. The bend should be left clear so that cars can easily turn. When you park your car on a bend, there is a high risk of causing accidents because the speeding cars may not notice you. 

Always ensure the car is parked at a place where it can be seen from a distance. Ensure other road users can easily access the road and notice your car from a distance to avoid the risk of knocking against your car.

In designated parking bays

Some parking bays are designated for a special type of vehicle. You are not allowed to park in such areas. If you decide to park your car in the designated parking bays, there is a risk of being sued for obstructions. 

Check out the road signs before parking your car. You can only park in the designated parking bays if you have permission to do so.

In bus stops and taxi ranks

You will not be allowed to park in bus stops or the tax ranks if your car does not fall under such a category. Only service providers who operate buses and taxis can park in such places. Before you proceed to park your car in a given location, ensure the car does not violate any traffic rules. 

You will have to deal with a fine if you violate the traffic rules. Failure to observe the rules can also expose other people to inconveniences. Park the car responsibly, and you will avoid the stress of traffic violations.

Preventing access to emergency services

You should not park in any place where you will prevent aces to emergency services. There are some areas where the ambulances park. It is essential to avoid parking your car in such areas because it will hinder them from operating efficiently. The parking spaces designated for fire engines should not be blocked.


Is it illegal to park across a driveway? Yeah pretty much, just don’t do it if you can avoid it. 

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