About Me

I was born into a policing family in the mid-’70s and very quickly knew that I wanted to continue the family legacy. My father and his father were both police officers in Australia.

I was only young when I joined the force at a time where gun laws in Australia were pretty relaxed. I’ve had numerous weapons pointed at me, engaged in many high-speed pursuits, been in too many physical confrontations and done thousands of hours worth of paperwork.

Over time, I saw first hand as policing and the laws controlling us changed. The changes were mostly positive, though some I was not a fan of. Perhaps because I was raised by ‘old school’ officers.

I have met Prime Ministers, protected diplomats and put hundreds of criminals behind bars. One thing I never wanted to lose was my sense of humour. Hopefully, you will get a laugh or two out of my posts.

This website was an idea brought about over a few beers with friends one day just after retirement. The constant questions of what is legal and what is not have plagued the Australian public since the law itself was introduced.

Everyone these days says, ‘just Google it’, the problem with that is that every website is completely cluttered with ads and multi thousand-word articles which make it hard to find a direct answer.

Instead of calling your local police station and asking if something you are about to do is illegal, and yes we got many of those calls, I decided to turn my retirement into a little passion project.

This website is dedicated to providing short, easy to understand answers to simple questions about the legality of common things.

Mostly I’m making this website so that the next time one of my friends asks if it’s legal, I can just tell them to Google it!

Disclaimer. Some details have been altered to protect my identity.